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About    The Firm

An innovative, guest-centric travel company operating from Beijing, at Starry Expeditions we craft meaningful, custom-designed trips to China’s remote lands and cultural destinations.

We believe travel is special and personal, that it is about experiencing life and learning about others’ lives through the exploration of new places.  We carefully customize your trip, placing great value on depth and authenticity.  We concentrate on excellence, delivering premium quality focused on a few select offerings.  With our immediate support, knowledge, passion and care, we go the extra mile to offer you the best of travel.

To better meet your needs, in addition to custom trips, we present Expeditions and Starry Escapes:


Expeditions are a collection of private journeys, or “stars,” hand-selected for your convenience.  All the care we put into developing our custom trips hold true in these featured expeditions, with attention paid to every detail, as well as flexibility during your trip, to ensure you have a full and rewarding private travel experience.

Thoroughly researched and developed to feature the best hotels and experiences available, our expeditions are continuously updated and perfected with the incorporation of new opportunities for you to engage with the places and people you visit.

Starry Escapes®

Starry may evoke a childhood reminiscence, nestling up to grandmother in the quiet courtyard and counting the bright stars in the sky; Starry will awaken the admiration of nature, when having escaped the city noises into the country, the Milky Way impresses with its amazing beauty, peace and brilliance; and, Starry expresses the respect and appreciation of people, each so special and bright like a star, and together we make up the “Starry.”

A premium Starry Expeditions brand, Starry Escapes offers annual small group adventures to China’s untouched corners, in search of the best starry skies and unparalleled escape experiences.

Starry Credo

Starry, the story of people, nature and living:

At Starry Expeditions, we care deeply about our guests, friends, and people around us; we value our environment and aim to help people rediscover nature.  We are dedicated to contributing to people’s lives, and reconnecting with simplicity and eco living.

Starry, the admiration of the starry skies:

From Kant’s, "two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me,” to Van Gogh’s, “Starry Night,” to Don McLean's lyrics, “Starry, Starry Night” – to all the legendary stories and poems about the starry skies – we respect and further people’s admiration of the starry skies.