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Hello China 2024

On “Hello China,” you will explore China’s social, cultural, historical and natural landscapes, gaining insight into the dynamism and diversity of the country as it exists today. In Beijing, explore both the city’s Imperial past and post-modern architecture, and sit down for a home-made meal in a farmhouse after hiking on the Great Wall. In China’s southwest, volunteer at a Giant Panda reserve, learn about ancient kingdoms and visit a functioning two-thousand year old irrigation system…

Private Journey  |  Easy  |  Best Season: all year round  |  15 Days, 14 Nights  |  Prices from USD9,510

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Touching Tibet 2024

Tibet, steeped in Buddhist spirituality, history and culture, is home to scores of sacred monasteries – enough to fill a lifetime of journeys through the region. Over the course of seven days “Touching Tibet” journey, you will experience Tibet through meaningful engagement with people and places, both through visits to hand-selected ancient and living monasteries, opportunities to join a nunnery’s chanting ceremony, and picnicking by a breathtakingly beautiful lake…

Private Journey  |  Moderate  |  Best Season: June to September  |  7 Days, 6 Nights  |  Prices from USD3,550

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Back to Yushu 2024

Yushu is part of an isolated corner of China where centuries-old traditions are still very much a part of daily life and nature awaits you at every turn, from the horseback racing festivals, to the active monasteries, to the yaks grazing on the flowery grasslands. On “Back to Yushu,” you will explore the cultures and stunning natural landscapes, including intricate murals and architecture, an ancient Tibetan Buddhist kingdom, and diverse wildlife at the headwaters of Asia’s three great rivers…

Private Journey  |  Moderate  |  Best Season: July and August  |  10 Days, 9 Nights  |  Prices from USD5,250

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Country Colors 2024

In the countryside of China’s southwestern province, Guizhou, diverse ethnic minority villages are separated by lush, terraced hills. On the 13-day “Country Colors” journey, you will take your time combining short, picturesque hikes along these terraces, with stops to watch traditional dancing and singing performances and to converse with villagers and local craftsmen. The colorful and varied traditional clothing and jewelry adorned by the various village communities…

Private Journey  |  Moderate  |  Best Season: March to November  |  13 Days, 12 Nights  |  Prices from USD5,220

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Everest Expedition 2024

The “Roof of the World”, Tibet is on the top of most world traveler “must see” lists and, located within Tibet, Mt. Everest is arguably the most famous peak in the world. On the “Everest Expedition”, you will travel through Tibet to Mt. Everest on a deeper level than the checklists and popular tourist paths – all to gain a better understanding of the real experiences of the communities in these pristine landscapes. You stop at an ancient building where the first king of Tibet studied the Buddhist scriptures…

Private Journey  |  Moderate  |  Best Season: June to September  |  10 Days, 9 Nights  |  Prices from USD5,310

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Time Travel 2024

In the far western borderlands of China, Xinjiang’s diverse communities and traditions reflects its history as a major thoroughfare along the Silk Road that connected the East and West, and as a part of numerous empires from across the region. On “Time Travel,” you will have the opportunity to experience Xinjiang’s confluence of cultures, religions, and landscapes: to explore Buddhist cave art at Kizil Caves and observe morning prayers at Id Kah Mosque, stay with Kazakh nomads…

Private Journey  |  Moderate  |  Best Season: June to September  |  14 Days, 13 Nights  |  Prices from USD6,350

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the Shangri-La 2024

Renamed “Shangri-La” after the mythical utopia described by James Hilton in Lost Horizon, northwestern Yunnan is home to breathtaking landscapes and picturesque villages. On this 12-day expedition, you will gain insight into the “real” Shangri-La: you will hike through barley fields to Tibetan communities, meet primary school children in an isolated mountain village, chat with a high lama in the most important Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the region, and, along the way…

Private Journey  |  Moderate  |  May to June, September to October  |  12 Days, 11 Nights  |  Prices from USD6,010

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West Sichuan 2024

Ancient kingdoms, nomadic grasslands, storied valley towns tucked between verdant mountains, and distinctive cultures: this is but a glimpse of what you will see in “West Sichuan”. While world-renowned for its Giant Pandas and spicy cuisine, Sichuan province offers much more for the discerning traveler. From unearthed city ruins and remnants from the Kingdom of Shu, to the centuries-old stone watchtowers and fortress homes peeking up through the lush forests…

Private Journey  |  Moderate  |  Best Season: May to October  |  12 Days, 11 Nights  |  Prices from USD5,270

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