Starry Expeditions
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Please read carefully to learn how Starry Expeditions collects, uses, stores and protects your personal information.

Information We May Collect, Use and Store

Personal Information: from your communications with us (emails, phone calls, or others), the trip forms you fill in and provide us, guides’ updates on your personal interests and preferences while on trip, we may collect any of the following information: your name, gender, date of birth, email address, mailing address, phone number, travel interests, dietary preferences, medical notes and medications, passport information, travel history with us, and other personal preferences.  All this information will be associated with your Starry account ever since your first trip with Starry Expeditions, and stored in our separate offline data server, secured and protected.  All other sensitive information you provide to us (including your bank account, credit card information, and emergency contacts) will be permanently destroyed right after the transaction or usage.

Without your request or consent, we will not share your personal information with any third party, except requests by due process of law.  The information we collect and keep will only be used to deliver the trip services you expect (including providing your personal information to our affiliates or trusted service providers, and other third party providers such as hotels and airlines);  We may also use this information to tailor-offer you trip recommendations, updates, coming events, important notices/invitations;  And, to expedite future communications and custom-designed trip services. In all other cases, we will request your written authorization to use any of your personal information.  You retain the rights to the personal information you share with us, and enjoy transparency and disclosure of how we handle them, governed and protected by this policy.

Other Content: for other content you share with us, including but not limited to trip feedback, trip photos, videos, and other comments, we will contact you for permission in advance should we decide that we would like to use them.

Information Security

It is our highest commitment to ensure the security and confidentiality of your privacy and the personal information you share with us.  Our website is secured and verified, and only a series of Starry Family card numbers is stored in our online server.  All the personal information you share with us is separately stored in our offline server, which is secured, under some verification steps when you request to access your account info.  Though highly safe online, we try to keep most transactions offline, and whenever we transfer or receive sensitive information, such as financial, we recommend to our guests that it be handled by fax or phone;  If done by email, it will get eliminated right after the usage.  Our people protect and respect your privacy, and strictly enforce privacy protections within the firm.  And we are constantly working to improve our privacy protection practices.