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West Sichuan 2016

Ancient kingdoms, nomadic grasslands, storied valley towns tucked between verdant mountains, and distinctive cultures: this is but a glimpse of what you will see in “West Sichuan”.  While world-renowned for its Giant Pandas and spicy cuisine, Sichuan province offers much more for the discerning traveler.  From unearthed city ruins and remnants from the Kingdom of Shu, to the centuries-old stone watchtowers and fortress homes peeking up through the lush forests of the Danba Tibetan hillside villages, and poetry and Buddhas carved high above into the side of the cliffs, on this journey you will delve into unique histories and traditions.  At the end of each day, you will have an opportunity to reflect and recharge in international brand luxury resorts and unique local boutiques before setting out again in the morning to continue exploring West Sichuan.

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