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Everest Expedition 2015
The “Roof of the World”, Tibet is on the top of most world traveler “must see” lists and, located within Tibet, Mt. Everest is arguably the most famous peak in the world.

On the “Everest Expedition”, you will travel through Tibet to Mt. Everest on a deeper level than the checklists and popular tourist paths – all to gain a better understanding of the real experiences of the communities in these pristine landscapes.  You stop at an ancient building where the first king of Tibet studied the Buddhist scriptures, take in spectacular views of the Lhasa valley while hiking to a secluded nunnery, picnic by a breathtakingly beautiful lake, and visit the traditional seats of different sects of Tibetan Buddhism, before reaching the pinnacle of your journey: watch the first light rise over the snowcapped towering slopes of Mt. Everest.

During the ten days, you will venture to the remote mountains, grasslands and lakes of Tibet, all the while mindfully engaging with daily Tibetan life, spirituality and living history.

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