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In the far western borderlands of China, Xinjiang’s diverse communities and traditions reflects its history as a major thoroughfare along the Silk Road that connected the East and West, and as a part of numerous empires from across the region.  During your two week expedition, you will have the opportunity to experience Xinjiang’s confluence of cultures, religions, and landscapes:  to explore Buddhist cave art and observe morning prayers at a historic Mosque, stay with Kazakh nomads and sing and dance with a Uygur community, and even take in the starry skies during an overnight in Mongolian yurts.  Not your typical holiday, you will find yourself waking up to the scent of boiling milk tea on the grasslands, or sitting in a traditional donkey cart en route to a bustling bazaar – all while journeying across the deserts, grasslands, wetlands, and snowcapped mountains of Xinjiang.

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