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Starry Road 2013
On the “Starry Road”, you explore sections of the legendary Silk Road, visiting historic sites and observing extraordinary views of the stars, under the guidance of your Starry Host, Wally Pacholka.

Venture to ancient capitals on the Eastern edges of the Silk Road, walking the grounds of a working kungfu temple and stargazing from ancient grottoes, before traveling further west along the Silk Road, chasing the starry skies to the Tibetan grasslands.  Here, a visit to a living monastery and conversation over yak butter tea with a local family offer a window into local spirituality and daily life.  A Starry Escapes Moment awaits you at the Gobi Desert, with spectacular views of an ancient Great Wall fort and mountain ranges – all under the crisp, desert night stars.  Topping off your “Starry Road” journey, you continue on to observe the skies from a desert oasis mountain top, taking in the landscapes, stars, and diverse history you explored along the Starry Road.

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